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WSET  is the most authoritative and representative program for wine and spirit education at present. WSET is the abbreviation for Wine & Spirit Education Trust which is the leading international organization for wine and spirit education, with the rights to award a series of certificates on wine and spirit education. Infinity is one of authorized agent training and education institutions for WSET course, and now offers the professional training of WSET Level-1 and Level-2.

  • WSET Level 1

     This program is specially designed for the beginners. The participants can accept the training on basic knowledge of wines, basic tasting, basic etiquette as well as food and wine pairing.

  • WSET Level 2

    Understand market prospects, sales skills, service standards of wines and spirits Learn about planting of grapes and brewing techniques for wines and spirits Familiar with grape varieties and wine specialties in all regions Master skills on selection of wines in low cost and high quality Become smart buyer and learn to appreciate wines Taste fashion dinner and enjoy honorable life